Annuz Exclusive Handmade-Costume Jewellery

Handmade-Costume Jewellery for your daily wear.
Customised beaded Jewellery for your daily-wear.

Jewellery accessories our attire and lend us a complete look, which helps to enhance beauty if it is used in a right manner. We always try to make an exclusive and right kind of handmade-costume Jewellery, which will compliment your beauty. Jewellery has been part of the culture for almost 300 years. Jewellery is still an integral form of expression of beauty. It adds Glamor, elegance, and sophistication. It is not just a decorative item for us, we are involved emotionally with our handmade-costume Jewellery. The handmade-costume jewellery itself suggests that it has been made according to one’s personal requirements. Our customers have full freedom to choose the materials, colour and designs according to their requirements.

German Silver Product

People want to wear Jewellery according to the budget. But the main point is to look good and feel good wearing it. Everybody can afford our handmade-costume Jewellery. It is very budget friendly yet fashionable. I hope you will love to wear our Jewellery. It’s unique and exclusive. We produce handmade-costume Jewellery. Quality is our main concern. From maker to buyer, no middle man is there. We would love to address all your product related queries. Feel free to contact us with your product related queries.Jewellery has been introduced in culture 300 years back. During that time inexpensive glass materials; after that semi-precious material came into market. Jewels made of semi-precious material are very popular now a days. Handmade-costume Jewellery are unique and very affordable to all class of people.You can gift an unique piece of handmade jewellery to your nearest and dearest one! In modern world man also use Jewellery for their fashion.Rudraksha symbolizes the lord Shiva. Our rudrakash collections add power and inner peace, both to the men or women.

Pink majic
Pink magic
Orange & Black Necklaces
Orange & Black Necklaces
Unique handmade Necklace